Learn Guitar Scales and Modes


Guitar Scales

Major Guitar Scale
Learn how to play the major scale on the guitar how it's made.

Major Guitar Scale Shapes
Learn three of the most common major scale shapes on the guitar.

Major Pentatonic Guitar Scale
Learn how to play the major pentatonic guitar scale.

Minor Pentatonic Guitar Scale
This lesson is all about making and playing the minor pentatonic scale. The minor pentatonic scale is one of the most popular scales and is used in virtually all styles of music.

Pentatonic Scale Patterns
This lesson goes over the five basic pentatonic scale shapes. Remember to practice alternate picking as you are playing through these scales.

Blues Guitar Scale
Learn one of the most common shapes for the blues scale on guitar. This lesson explains how the blues scale is made.

Chromatic Guitar Scale
Learn a common chromatic scale shape that uses all six strings on the guitar. It's a great way to exercise your left and right hand. Get them both in shape.

Guitar Modes

Introduction to Guitar Modes
Taking a look at seven different modes on the guitar and several ways that you can think about modes.

1. Ionian Guitar Mode
The Ionian mode is really just the major scale. It has a happier sound to it.

2. Dorian Guitar Mode
Learn one of the more common dorian guitar scale shapes.

3. Phrygian Guitar Mode
Learn how the Phrygian mode is made and a common shape for this mode. Learn what notes in this scale give it it’s unique sound. The Phrygian mode is a minor scale.

4. Lydian Guitar Mode 
Learn what notes give this scale a unique sound and a common lydian scale shape.

5. Mixolydian Guitar Mode
Learn what Mixolydian mode sounds like and what notes to emphasize. 

6. Aeolian Guitar Mode
The Aeolian mode is basically just a natural minor scale. It is sadder sounding than a major scale.

7.  Locrian Guitar Mode 
 Learn how the locrian mode is made and a common scale shape for this mode.